What Every Greenhouse Needs to Have

Published: 18th July 2009
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People who are so into gardening simply love doing it 365 days a year. You cannot live without plants, and you feel the need to look after them. An artist is inspired to create his masterpiece in solace, just as a gardener is allowed to work in the privacy of his greenhouse. It follows that the greenhouse you choose must fulfill certain requirements.

It has to be built of sturdy material to fulfill its function as a storage house, and it should survive all adverse weather conditions including wind, rain, or snow. Its size should be proportional to the foundation it will occupy, be it gravel, brick, or concrete. It should serve its ultimate purpose which is to house a wide variety of plants within its confines.

The things which a wise gardener should look for in a greenhouse are those same things which plants would require. All plants need three basic supplies which are light, air, and water in order to produce food, develop, and propagate. Indirect sunlight should be distributed in varying degrees among temperate and tropical plants in a greenhouse. What material a greenhouse is made of and whether it has adjustable panels will affect how much light goes into a greenhouse.

In addition to light, the right temperature makes plants grow better. Besides natural light entering the greenhouse, temperature would be regulated by a thermostat which can be adjusted to suit the climate and humidity. A temperature of above 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is needed during the cold winter months.

Proper ventilation is also needed by plants kept in a greenhouse. Oxygen and carbon dioxide should freely circulate in the surroundings. Roof vents are exit points for warmer air, while wall vents are entry points for cooler air. The air is conditioned naturally and no energy us expended by the use of a circulating fan within the greenhouse. Humidity is kept controlled for greenhouse plants through a cooler which operates in hot seasons like summer.

Water should be accessible and close to the greenhouse when there is a need to use a watering hose or fill a watering can. Absorption of water and moisture is performed by roots which anchors plants to the soil. Any extra water is routed and channeled out of the greenhouse and back into the soil.

When you scout around for a greenhouse kit, consider how much you are willing to spend. There are many great options to compare which are within a reasonable cost. Before you get one, check that the unit has a warranty and that its parts are readily available.

Getting a greenhouse must not strain your finances, and neither must it strain your body with too much work. The cleaning chores should be fuss-free so that your gardening pleasure remains hassle-free. Don't forget that your greenhouse should accommodate potted, ground plants on shelves and benches and showcase ornamental, hanging plants on rods.

Allow your world of plants, your skills at managing life in a greenhouse, and your personal gardening skills to keep expanding through time.

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