The Best Bathroom Ventilation Ideas for Every Home

Published: 15th July 2010
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Proper ventilation in the home especially the most prone and vulnerable areas in the house against moisture and dampness is necessary. Bear in mind that this room is the most functional and one of the busiest venues hence it is considered the selling point. Maintaining the quality and condition of this space will undoubtedly boost the market value of your property. It also ensures that your home is kept with the most remarkable aesthetic or visual treat.

There are several reasons why the bathroom must be kept away from moisture and dampness. For instance, places like this must be kept dry in order to prevent the growth of molds and mildew. These bacteria and fungi are organisms which destroys the value or quality of the structural foundation of your home. In most serious cases, it also poses a lot of danger and hazard to the health when left unaddressed.

In order to ensure that this area in your property is well ventilated, there are basic and important points you must consider.

When ventilating the bathroom, you must make sure that you know the necessary requirements in line with the measurements of the room including its cubic feet per minute of air and its square footage. The most important thing you must remember here is that it needs one cubic feet per minute of air for every square foot are in the room.

Choose the most appropriate exhaust fan which is perfectly suited in your home and this includes the size of the fan, its motor and its power or capacity. The exhaust fan must basically be large enough in order to thoroughly and properly circulate the air in the entire bathroom. The motor must be of great quality in order to operate and work without the disturbing noise.

Find the best location of the exhaust fan especially in terms of making it properly function and aerate the room in the highest quality and performance. Make sure that you situate the fan in the most appropriate area such as the location where air may flow throughout the room. This place must be in the center in order to dry out all the corners of the bathroom and leave no areas unventilated. There are likewise proper areas of the bathroom where the fan must be located which are near the shower and toilet.

After using the bathroom such as taking a shower or bath, make sure that you run the exhaust fan for twenty minutes and so. Leave it to operate for another five minutes after leaving the room or you could also prefer to use vent fans with timers to shut off automatically and safe energy.

In a more natural and practical way, you can make use of fresh air through opening the windows and allowing it to properly circulate. If ever your bathrooms have no windows, seriously consider the installation of one as this is a great home project or investment that could give you surefire, far-reaching and long-lasting benefits in the end.

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