Prevent Heat from Escaping – Find and Fix Drafty Spots in your Home

Published: 04th June 2010
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Energy efficient ways are prevalently advocated in order to conserve precious energy sources especially used in your household. Hence, it is a very imperative task to consider finding and fixing drafty spots in your home interiors which are causes of heat loss.

Gaps and leaks in the house are potentially sources of energy wastage especially during cold and winter seasons. This is because the heat level desired in the house is not achieved or does not stay for an intended time frame due to leakages that allow it to escape the premises.

This home project is definitely a great investment not only for energy efficiency purposes but also to fix potential damages in your property which may worsen when left unaddressed. Hence it requires much of your resources especially in terms of finances, time and effort.

You can choose two different ways or options on how to remedy this dilemma, first is through hiring professional and licensed contractors to do the job and second, to do the job yourself. Hiring professionals could be an expensive resort however if you think that you can handle do-it-yourself tasks, it is more recommended especially if you are in a tight budget.

There are proven and tested ways on how to find and fix drafty spots in the house through inexpensive and practical means. You can use available resources found in your home which will not require you to shell out additional expenses.

However, it is very important to remember that your ultimate goal here is not only to find and assess potential areas with leaks and gaps. It ought to be your goal to fix and remedy the problem in order to avoid the consequences of defective surfaces around the house.

One way of detecting drafty spots is through using a lighted candle and placing it near the place where you suspect of having gaps and leaks. For instance, make sure that you carefully put the lit candle in the right place, avoiding breathing into the surface. Observe if the candle flame is moving because the slow movement of the flame will indicate that there are holes or drafty spots in that specific location.

You can also use your bare hands in detecting surfaces which are potential problematic areas. The most ideal time to do this is when your heater is turned on to more effectively feel the surfaces with gaps. Or you may also use thermal detector in order to assess areas that needed fixture the most immediate time possible.

Some of the common areas in the house which you must prioritize in finding drafty areas include the doors and windows, vents, walls, attics and roof among others. These areas are more prone to leakage hence make sure you efficiently sealed them off.

Caulking and weather-stripping are two of the most common ways on how to solve problems on drafty spots where the heat potentially escapes from your home interiors.

Home projects, which are geared towards providing energy efficiency and green building means, are indeed beneficial and profitable investments to delve into for long-term and hundredfold return.

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